What People Say

“Simple and  surprisingly effective solutions…helped me  maintain  positive  feelings and compassion towards my toddler…no longer fearful of being unable to handle a tantrum.  I can identify power struggles before they happen and avoid getting into them…a point of view that is respectful and dignifying  for  children and parents.”  Lori Lavinthal, MFT


“After consulting with Parents Inc. team, I felt I had new “tools in my toolkit” as well as a “plan” on how I would deal with different situations in a way that was positive and encouraging.  This method helped me with avoiding power struggles, improve my negative tone and effectively communicate with my daughter in a way that I was proud of!  With a bit of practice, I saw an immediate change in my daughter’s attitude and found there were a lot less power struggles and more cooperation!  I found myself wanting to share what I feel is a “parenting secret” with other parents so that I can help to make their life a lot easier!”  Jennifer, mother of two